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Extreme Reflections offers the best specialty services when it comes to your vehicle. We stricly use high-end products guaranteeing long lasting results. Call today to schedule your next detail service or start your free estimate.


Protect your car from all the elements including bugs, hard waterspots and rust stains. This super slick aircraft sealant, designed for the military, is applied one panel at a time giving you the ultimate in protection.

The 9 Step Process

Step 1:

  • Exterior Wash and Claybar with Protection Removing Soap
    • Claybar removes embeded contaminants and ensures a slick surface for the sealant to adhere to.
    • Waterspot removal solution applied when neccessary

Step 2:

  • All Plastic, Cloth and Rubber on the vehicle’s exterior are taped off to prevent any damage.

Step 3:

  • All deep scratches (that can be wet-sanded out) are removed.

Step 4:

  • The entire car is buffed with a synthetic compound getting rid of the more prominant scratches.

Step 5:

  • The entire car is buffed with a glazing compound to remove fine swirls and scratches.

Step 6:

  • The enitre car is buffed with a synthetic swirl remover, 2 times, to ensure there are no swirls left in the paint.

Step 7:

  • The car is completely washed and all buffing material is removed from cracks and seams.

Step 8:

  • The vehicle is allowed to cool, if necessary, and sealant is applied in 10 to 15 minute increments depending on weather and humidity.

Step 9:

  • The vehicle is allowed to cure for 16 hours out of the elements.

Final Product:

  • When your vehicle pulls out of the garage, you will have a finish that looks better than showroom condition. The paint will look wet with absolutley no swirls and the protection, that will last a minimum of 6 months, will be astonishing. Many clients have stated that bugs, road paint or tar do not stick to the paint surface, sprinker water in the hot sun does no damage and every time is rains they feel as if their vehicle was just washed. Read our client testimonials.


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Give your car, truck or SUV a distinct look with our removable wheel and emblem coating.  This coating can be applied to any smooth surface, so let your imagination run wild. The most unique thing about this coating package is that the color, whichever you choose, is totally removable and there is no damage to the underlying substrate. This process can take up to three days.

Available Colors

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Save yourself from getting ripped off by the dealership! Call us to get your vehicle looking good for maximum value on trade-in or minimum deductions on lease turn-in. Read our testimonials.

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Finish Restoration and Oxidation Removal/Scratch and Scuff Repair

Is your paint looking dull, faded, scratched, scuffed or swirled? Our wetsanding and high speed buffing can make almost any car look like brand new again.

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  • Bi-Monthly Maintenance Package
  • Odor Destroyer/AC
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Carpet Dye
  • Pinstripe Removal/Application
  • Oxidation Removal with Color Restore
  • Engine Cleaning & Detailing
  • Rust/Stain Removal
  • Aluminum/Chrome Polish
  • Leather Clean and Condition
  • Leather Dye
  • Complete Interior Only Detail